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To revolutionize food without cracking an egg, using the unique power of microalgae

The food industry is in need of a revolution – and we believe it starts with plants. More specifically micro-algae aka microscopic seaweed! This unique plant is highly sustainable to produce and packed with great nutritional benefits, thus far untapped by the industry.

Why eat more plants? It’s better for you AND for the planet. Did you know that our food production is a major driver of climate change – especially animal products? With our natural resources running out at an alarming rate, we have to do something about it. In fact, a major study shows that we will have to reduce meat consumption dramatically to fight climate change.

Delicious products for the conscious consumer

We don’t believe you should have to compromise on taste or eat Frankenfoods. Nobody wants that! That’s why we at The Good Spoon make only delicious foods.

So join us in this plant-based revolution, and take a bite out of The Good Spoon!

carbon footprint for 12 eggs

KG of CO2

up to


less fat than other mayos (including vegan!)

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We are revolutioning food, without cracking an egg by harnessing the power of a tiny seaweed to replace animal-based ingredients like eggs! We are the first in the world to use microscopic seaweed to make delicious foods.


All plants. Less fat. Better alternetives for you to promote a healthier lifestyle. Without compromising on taste.


Food should be food. And you should take pleasure in eating it! Maybe it’s our French roots, but we think that’s what’s most important. Food shouldn’t be weird, even if it’s meant to « replace » other things like eggs or protein.


It is our job as a collective to preserve the Earth’s fast dwindling resources as best we can. We think you can do that without sacrificing on taste or quality ingedients – thanks to micro algae!

Simply put, micro-algae is tiny seaweed and a nutritional powerhouse. It is the best plant-based protein in the world, actually! It is also sustainable to grow and requires 50 times less water and energy to produce the same amount of protein as in beef. We are using these special plants in different ways to make great food – in our mayos, they replace the egg.